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Averto Hotel & Apartments was built in 1998 with a lot of care and affection. Kostas chose the best materials and kept all details of traditional building style. The result is amazing; the cosy atmosphere of the natural environment and the comfortable rooms offer all the conveniences for pleasant holidays in the beautiful island of Lefkada. The village Agios Nikitas, characterised as preserved community for its unique natural beauty, is particularly welcoming and suggests a great destination for vacation and relaxation.

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It is our pleasure to make your stay a memorable experience


The complex Averto offers rooms of various types (double, 3-bed rooms, 4-bed rooms and 5-bed rooms with attic), equipped with private bathroom, TV, refrigerator, kitchen and veranda with breathtaking view.

Continental type breakfast is optionally served which among other includes: toast, eggs, marmalade, cakes, fresh juice etc. Refreshments and coffee are also available all day long. In the nearby taverns of the traditional community of Agios Nikitas you can enjoy dishes of the traditional cuisine of Lefkas and fresh fish.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Television
  • Fully equiped Kitchen
  • Room cleaning - every day
  • Clean towels - every other day
  • Books & Boardgames
  • Balkonies/verandas
  • Reception assistance
    (09.00-14.00 and 18.00-21.00)
  • Breakfast on request
  • Coffee & refreshments on request


There are two types of rooms; for two or three people. Prices range according to the period.

  • Extra Low Season - April & May
  • Low Season - June & September
  • Middle Season - 1/7-20/7
  • High Season - 21/7-31/8
  • Please contact us via mail or phone for an inquiry about current prices.

The Area


Lefkas and the surrounding area of Agios Nikitas

The island of Lefkas

Lefkas or Lefkada is one of the main islands of the Ionian Sea in the western part of Greece. The impressive landscapes, unique combination of green pine slopes, astonishing white-rock cliff formations and impressive white sandy beaches with turquoise-blue water, as well as the easy accessibility cast Lefkas a very popular destination for summer holidays.

Apart from the natural beauties, even the most demanding visitor of any age will be allured by the variety of cultural events, water sport possibilities, walking tracks & short trip selections, and of course the rich nightlife.

The traditional picturesque village Agios Nikitas

Only 12 kilometres west of Lefkada Town, the village is nicely established in a small bay. Surrounded by olive groves and cypress hills on one side and turquoise waters next to white cliffs on the other in perfect natural harmony, the village suggests a perfect destination for relaxation.

The western part of the island holds almost all of the paradise-like beaches, such as Milos, Kathisma, Porto Katsiki, Egkremni, etc., making Agios Nikitas the most suitable starting point for exploration.


During your stay at Averto you will have the chance to visit many of the sights of the island and the region. Some of the sights worth visiting include:

The town of Lefkas (12 km)

The Art Gallery of the post Byzantine Icons, the holly monastery of Faneromeni and other Byzantine churches with beautiful murals, the Folklore Museum, the Museum of Fonografos are some of the many interesting places you can find in the town.

The magnificent white beaches (1 to 30 km)

From the nice protected beaches of Milos and Agios Nikitas, to the astonishing cliffs of Porto Katsiki, the western side of the island presents numerous options to enjoy the clean waters of the Ionian Sea.

Mountainous villages (6 to 20 km)

The mountains of Lefkas hide many picturesque villages with old houses made of stone and can take you back to the old times. The nearby village 'Karya' is one of the most famous and also holds an organised Folklore Museum.

The nearby islands (30 km to Nydri)

Skorpios, Onasis' island, Meganisi and the cave of the historical submarine Papanikolis which fought during the World War II, the island of the poet Aristotelis Valaoritis, Madouri. Boat-rides set on from Nydri on daily bases.

The intact shores of Aitoloakarnanian region (25 to 50 km)

This part of Western Greece presents many hiden locations for adventure seekers. The management of Averto is willing to give you any information about the sights and the nightlife of the island.

The Area


Travel tips and directions to Averto

Travel Tips

  • Currency in Greece is euro (EUR)
  • Local Time during summer is 3 hours ahead (GMT +3)
  • Electric current is alternating at 220-250 V
  • Banks operate Mon-Fri from 8 am to 2 pm
  • ATM cash machines operate 24-7
  • Climate during summer is warm and sunny. Night breeze is rare but possible.

Reaching Lefkas and Agios Nikitas

by car

Lefkas is one of the few islands in Greece that is connected with bridge and can be accessed by car from Aitoloakarnania. It is 380 km away from Athens and 420 km from Thessaloniki. If you are travelling through Italy via boat, it is 160 km from Patras or 110 km from Igoumenitsa.

by airplane

The international airport of Aktion (PVK) is the closest airport to Lefkas, only 18 km away from the town.

by boat

Lefkas is connected with the ports of Patra, Kyllini in the main land and with the islands of Ithaca, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Corfu in the Ionian Sea. Daily boat routes also include the smaller islands of Meganisi, Kalamos and Paxos.
The Area


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